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BCL Lighting Design is worked closely with Salt Ayer Sports Centre in Morecambe to provide Disco lighting in it's main arena for it's regular Roller Disco events

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Your Country Called

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A Tender Thing imagines what would have happened to Romeo and Juliet had they lived beyond their youth, focusing on the end of a married life spent loving, bickering and laughing.


A Tender Thing

C Bridge

October 2013 -

Light up the Waterways


Over Christmas & New Year 2014, Salt Ayre Sports Centre in Morecambe, turned their main arena into a Winter Wonderland, with Ice Rink, Bouncy castles, Tuck Shop, Face Painting & Santa of course!

BCL Lighting Design worked closely with the staff at the centre to Light the main hall to not only provide atmosphere fitting for the event but to achieve light levels that are safe for the skaters!

salt wonderland

December 2012 - Lancaster Castle